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Detroit Underground DU-SEQ

Detroit Underground DU-SEQ  ·  Source:

Detroit Underground DU-SEQ

Detroit Underground DU-SEQ  ·  Source:

The DU-SEQ is a simple but expressive 8 step “analog pulsing” sequencer Eurorack module from record label Detroit Underground’s “DU MDLR” department.


The interface is designed to be completely intuitive and without a doubt it’s clearly laid out. The 8 sliders, with delightfully integrated green LEDs, set the pitch of each step with the 2 octave range. The LEDs show you exactly where you are. So much better at a glance than a row of knobs.

It’s not just 8 linear steps. Each step can be assigned to pulse or count up to 8 times using any of six gating patterns. The ability to pause, pulse or repeat notes gives it a much wider range of musical possibilities than 8 notes alone.

The signal path is fully analogue. The gate signal is generated from discrete 7400 series logic with a built-in clock. You have CV control over step direction and selection of next step. There’s a slew rate limiter that can be assigned per step and a half-clock button.

The teaser video below demonstrates that it’s a load of fun to play with. I’m really liking the artwork on the front which, along with the green lit sliders, really makes it stand out of the rack.

The DU-SEQ should become available today (25th August) according to their Facebook page although Cymru Beats in Cardiff has it listed as being available on the 30th. The pre-order price is £430.

More information on the Detroit Undergorund website.

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