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GearEye dongle or phone case

GearEye dongle or phone case  ·  Source:

GearEye scanning for your gear

GearEye scanning for your gear  ·  Source:

GearEye tagging your gear

GearEye tagging your gear  ·  Source:

GearEye GearTags

GearEye GearTags  ·  Source:

In the hectic world of live performance, gigging and partying none of us can afford to lose our gear. We also need to make sure we take everything we need in the first place. Whether it’s leaving power adapters behind, or someone running off with your MIDI controller keeping an eye on your gear is vital. GearEye has just launched on Kickstarter with a device that will log, track and manage all your gear. It’s the brainchild of photographer Roie Galitz to deal with his camera equipment but it’s such a great idea for anyone taking expensive and precious gear about the place.


GearEye a little device that you can drop into your bag that looks for GearTags. When it finds them it ticks them off in the phone app and declares that they are present. GearTags are these small adhesive strips that you stick onto your gear. They use radio frequency identification (RFID) and need no batteries. Each tag can be identified and named in the app. You can also create custom gear lists so that that the GearEye is only looking for a specific bunch of stuff. I wonder if it will tell you if there’s a GearTag present that shouldn’t be?

GearEye scanning

GearEye scanning

The range is about 3 meters so I guess you could run into the trap of thinking something is in the bag when actually it’s sitting on the floor out of sight.

There’s a phone case option where the GearEye device is… a phone case, so you can have it with you at all times. I think I’d prefer the dongle option – I like the idea of having it in the bag.

This all seems like a little bit of genius to me. I often suffer from well-intentioned helpful people who, after performances, enjoy winding up cables and packing up my gear. I never know what is in which bag until I get home and can sort it all out. I’ve lost many cables and bits and pieces along the way. GearEye is a brilliantly and smart way to ensure everything is present and correct.

GearEye has already raised over 4 times their $60,000 goal and still has 30 days to go. The Early Bird backer options have gone already but for $129 you’ll get a GearEye dongle or phone case and 20 GearTags (5 for metal, 15 for misc in mixed sizes). Estimated delivery is July 2017 and the retail will be $199.

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