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Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit  ·  Source: Neuzeit Instruments

Orbit crushes bits, harmonizes oscillations, filters, envelopes and mixes with a vast array of knobs and functions it could be the ultimate sound design tool.



There’s a lot of stuff packed into this elegantly designed, complex Eurorack module.

Two IN inputs are mixed via VCA to determine the start of this journey. Before hitting the bit-crusher the BASS can be equalised with a bit of boost or attenuation. Then into the CRSH where the signal is sampled between 50Hz and 38,000Hz at 8 or 12bits and then is downsampled pretty much as far as you want to go.

Meanwhile, the HARM section can add up to 5 individually mixed square wave oscillators to the audio signal. You can create chords and intervals and push the pitch up or down up to an octave in either direction. You can switch oscillators 2 and 3 into noise mode generated via a probability function.

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Just when you think you’ve got everything together along comes the VCF multimode analogue filter right across the outputs of the CRSH, HARM and BASS stages. Part of the BASS stage can “BLEED” directly to the output as a clean signal. While mixing the other stages you can a little boost for some warm saturation. The filter itself has a 12-dB/Oct slope and is based on OTA and gives high, low and bandpass outputs. A FADE knob is offered between the low and high pass outputs to morph from one to the other.

Modulation is provided by ENV and LFO generators. The envelope is digitally created giving the possibility of very fast and very slow modulation times. There are AD and AR modes which can be looped into LFOs.

Finally, the OUT stage gives you a wet/dry mix of the original signal from the inputs and whatever madness you’ve imposed upon it. It’s all voltage-controlled and there are also separate outputs for HARM and CRSH.

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Neuzeit Instruments Orbit

Orbit is an extraordinary module with acres of voltage-controlled sound mangling and numerous possible outcomes. While combining all the features into an epic output looks like fun you can also pull different ideas out at different points so it can be as full-on or as subtle as you like. It’s DC Coupled so if you want to mangle voltage instead of audio then go right ahead.

Orbit is available now for €395. A detailed description of all the elements are on the website and check out the walkthrough video below.

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