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Tech21 Sansamp Classic reissue

Tech21 Sansamp Classic reissue  ·  Source: Tech 21


Can this classic analogue design from 1989 hold its own against modern amp modelling and impulse responses? Tech 21 believe it can; they’re reissuing the SansAmp as the SansAmp Classic, back from the dead after being discontinued in 2016. The little black and yellow box is back!


Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Reissue

Having received many enquiries about this little box of tricks, Tech 21 is bringing back the good old SansAmp as a Classic Reissue. This FET-based guitar amplifier and cabinet sim crashed into the market for the first time in 1989. Tech 21 reanimated it in 2009 and 2012, and after several interruptions and was last produced back in 2016.

And I understand why it’s remained popular enough that Tech 21 would re-release it. No displays, no submenus, no opulent power supply requirements and no decisions about which of the hundreds of presets might sound 5% better. And all without any latency issues at all. This pedal has been used in many genres, from death metal to commercial jingles, in studios and on tours around the world.

Tech 21 Sansamp Classic Reissue

Tech 21 Sansamp Classic Reissue

A great and simple piece of kit

The SansAmp Classic is a great piece of gear and has remained practically unchanged since 1989 when it came out. I love the simplicity and I’ve used one myself many times over the years, with great results. Kurt Cobain used the SansAmp as his main distortion for many years, switching between this and the GT-2 version at various stages of his career.

The interface is super simple: Presence Drive, Amplifier Drive, High and Output, plus a three-way switch with Lead, Normal and Bass settings. All you really needed to do was choose your amp/mic type from the DIP switches on the front and off you went. It’s good to see this back!

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