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Korg Drumlogue

Korg Drumlogue  ·  Source: Korg

Korg Drumlogue

Korg Drumlogue  ·  Source: Korg

Under development is an analog/digital hybrid drum machine called Drumlogue with sampling, analog channels and customisable oscillators and effects.


Combining digital synthesis, PCM sampling and multiple analog parts Drumlogue is hoping to offer a super wide range of possible sonic architecture. They say it has a revamped logue SDK for loading custom oscillators, effects and sample content.

It’s covered in knobs and a step-sequence row of buttons and is all about the hands-on performance. It has individual outputs for each channel. Information is scarce at the moment as this is a prototype with only a few published details and a sneak peek video.

Sounds very interesting and could bring an exciting take on the drum machine genre. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Here’s our reaction video, with the Gearnews team puzzling over where Korg is headed with the new Drumlogue:

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