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Slate Digital Infinity EQ

 ·  Source: Slate Digital

It looks like Slate Digital wants a slice of the Fabfilter ProQ’s market for itself. At NAMM 2020, Slate introduced the new Infinity EQ plug-in. It has everything you’d expect from a modern graphical band EQ and a rival to pro audio’s most beloved EQ plug-in.

Features include mid/side processing, solo bandpass, variable slope filters, group and lock bands, full screen mode and lotsa other goodies. There’s something about Zero Latency True Analog Curves and whatnot, along with the promise of a lighting-fast and intuitive workflow.

Confident in the plug-in, Slate has written up virtually nothing about it. The man would rather have you watch a pair of videos to see what’s up. You can do that below.

Infinity EQ will be released February 20, 2020. It will be part of Slate’s All Access Pass subscription for USD 15 per month.


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