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Sonicware LIVEN 8-Bit Warps

Sonicware LIVEN 8-Bit Warps  ·  Source: Sonicware


The 8bit Warps is the first in a series of “LIVEN” instruments from Japanese synth makers Sonicware. It’s an 8-bit waveform memory synthesizer with a sequencer designed for performance.


8bit Warps

Just launched on Kickstarter they are hoping to raise nearly £35,000 in preorders to bring it to life. It’s full of 8-bit sounds (obviously) with a wide selection of preset waveforms. The synthesis engine is all about warping and morphing. You can warp (or crossfade) between two waveforms, or you can morph between them. You can morph via an envelope or you can mess them about with FM. The voices can be played in poly, mono, unison, legato or as an arpeggiator.

You then have low, high and bandpass filters and a stack of the usual modulation, delay and reverb effects. There’s a single LFO and envelope for direct modulation.

The sequencer has 64-steps with parameter locks per step, 128 patterns and pattern chaining. You can record in realtime or step time. There’s also an audio looper for getting into that realtime performance stuff they were talking about.

You have 16 knobs for realtime control, it can take batteries and have a built-in speaker.

The demo video is very dramatic but I’m not entirely sure what’s being played and whether the box is generating everything or just some of it. I don’t believe it has a drum section. I’m also not sure about how many tracks it can have going at once, how multi-timbral it is or the polyphony. Hopefully, these things will become clear.

Otherwise it looks like a lot of fun, it has some great chiptune style sounds going on and it’s only £126 to get in on the action. They should be showing it at NAMM or you can go to the Kickstarter right now.

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Sonicware LIVEN 8-Bit Warps

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