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Leak Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020

Leak Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020  ·  Source: Reverb

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition  ·  Source: Reverb


A Reverb seller based in Texas, USA has accidentally leaked the new Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020, an eye-popping reissue of the ’80s shredder model from California. 


Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020

Reverb seller mundt music of Longview has just listed a Flash Pink Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020! According to the listing there are only 300 pieces available worldwide. So if the information there is true, that’s a very limited edition indeed!

’80s Shredder

We know it has a recessed Floyd Rose Special locking trem system, which I think is a slight cop out, as a full Floyd Rose 1000 would have been a lot nicer. It has a 25.1″ scale length and a super flat 17” radius fretboard in either maple or rosewood.

The Reverb listings text includes the following information:

The limited-edition HM Strat sports the same unique look and specs that helped the ’88-92 models compete with the hot-rodded Strat impersonators of the day. Built in the same factory as the original, the HM (for Heavy Metal) Strat features a narrow “C” neck, with unique 25.1” scale, 17” radius maple or rosewood fingerboard with 24 Jumbo frets for nearly effortless bends and technical fretwork. A Floyd Rose Special recessed bridge keeps everything perfectly in-tune even after the deepest dive-bombs and the high-gain HSS pickup configuration delivers hot humbucker tones in the bridge that can be split for more traditional Strat sounds when combined with the single coil neck and middle pickups. Other features include Gotoh tuners, moulded ‘F’ logo knobs and black head cap with highly stylised ‘80s-era “STRAT” silk logo.

I will, as usual, fill in with more details as soon as I get them.

Back when I was a teenager, these guitars were originally Fender’s answer to Charvel and Jackson. Funny how both of these brands are now outright owned by Fender.

This one’s listed at GBP 956 but we will have to see what happens to get a definitive price.

Fender HM2 Strat reissue limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM headstock

Fender HM headstock

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition

Fender HM2 Strat reissue Flash Pink limited edition rear

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18 responses to “NAMM 2020: Leaked! Fender Limited Edition HM Strat 2020”

  1. Janne says:

    These are hot af, but yeah the Floyd Special is… meh. In house pups are to be expected for Fender Japan, so I won’t gripe there. Overall, $1200 is pretty fair for a MIJ shredder.

  2. Name* says:

    I own 3 mint examples from the 80’s. You either love this guitar or hate it. There were a few different specs on the originals. Namely two different neck profiles, two different whammy bars and a few different pickup configurations and pickups. IMO these guitars would be the greatest shredder guitars ever made if only they were 25.5 and ASH bodies.

  3. That headstock is a crime against humanity. I’m all for ‘retro,’ but this is like dressing like Tubbs in Miami Vice and thinking that still works for you.

  4. John says:

    Accidentally? Some dude accidentally created detailed listings with multiple photos and specs, and accidentally put them all live on Reverb? Lol!!

    • Jef says:

      yeah… It’s an ‘accident’, mmmm.

    • Cort says:

      Dealers get the press packs well in advance so they can get their store pages, catalogues etc ready to go live the moment an announcement is made, so yes, entirely possible one dealer pressed publish too early by mistake.
      How else do you think some stores and YT channels have videos and adverts for brand new, as yet unreleased products out the same day as NAMM announcements sometimes? Some even get the instruments early, under embargo – not just the press packs, imagery etc.

  5. Cort says:

    That’s a bit _too_ 80s for my taste. I’ll stick with the DK24 HSS 2PT in shell pink thanks – even though I really wish it had a Floyd.
    But good to see they are rowing back from the torrent of brown finish and gold hardware models with humbuckers that we’ve seen over the past year or two. I was worrying about where Fender was headed.

  6. Name* says:

    I prefer the Washburn Parallaxe series over these guitars:

    Many of them use real Original Floyd Rose bridges or Floyd 1000s and they offer Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups as well as ebony fingerboards

  7. Karl says:

    Not really a reissue if it doesn’t have the Khaler Spyder Tremolo like the originals.

  8. Karl says:

    The Floyd Rose Special is a decent trem and for around $50 you can replace the trem block and trem spring hook with Floyd Rose Brass replacements, along with coated (noise reducing) springs. They should have done these mods in the factory IMO.

  9. Choux says:

    Impossible to have only 300 pieces in the whole world I saw on the web of the guitars with the serial number 19000334 or 19000341 ?

    • Jef says:

      This was a leak with no ‘official’ Fender information, so it was based on a leaked post from a dealer. It is a limited run, but no official number has been given by Fender.

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