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Kemper Kabinet and Kone leak

Kemper Kabinet and Kone leak  ·  Source: Kemper


Kemper has been subtly teasing a new speaker called the Kone, part of the Kabinet presented at last year’s NAMM. It looks as though the ‘Kat’ is out of the bag! I have acquired a copy of this year’s Kemper brochure which, alongside the Kemper Kabinet, features and Celestion-made Kemper Kone as a separate product.

Kemper Kone Facebook tease

Kemper Kone Facebook tease · Source: Kemper/Facebook

Facebook Tease

Kemper has been teasing the new speaker on its Facebook page, but I’ve managed to find more details in the official brochure, which you can check out below. The speakers loaded into the Kemper Kabinet are meant to be the ideal companion to the Kemper Profiler Powerhead and PowerRack units. Kemper’s proposition here is that combining the Kemper Profiler DSP algorithm with the Celestion-designed ultra-linear, full range speakers represents a perfect match for any Kemper owner. So far so good.


Kemper Kone leak

Kemper Kabinet and Kone leak · Source: Kemper

Kemper Kone as stand-alone product

So what’s new? Well, the lightweight Kabinets are loaded with Kemper Kones, a speaker cone that mimics classic speaker cones. The speakers include up to 16 Imprints, each with different speaker characteristics. And now it looks like they are going to market this as a separate product, and that you may be able to upgrade your standard speaker cab with one of these Kone speakers. Nifty idea.

Once I find out more information, I will keep you all updated. For now, you can check out the image above taken from the Kemper brochure. At the time of writing there is still no official information on the Kemper main web page. I’m sure this will change once Winter NAMM kicks in next week.

More Information

Update: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Kemper’s Kabinet product was announced at NAMM 2019. A previous version implied that both Kabinet and Kone were as yet unannounced as of 11 Jan 2020.

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Kemper Kabinet and Kone leak

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