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Ashdown The Ant and The Newt ultra lightweight amps

Ashdown The Ant and The Newt ultra lightweight amps  ·  Source: Ashdown


Ashdown has just revealed two new ultra lightweight and compact amps, The Ant and The Newt. One for guitar, the other for bass and both for the travelling musician.


Lightweight and powerful

The new pedalboard-amplifiers from Ashdown, The Ant and The Newt, are clearly aimed towards gigging musicians who are on the move and want a simple rig. Both units use a compact aluminium construction that is only 210mm x 188mm x 62mm in size, and weigh under a kilogram each. Each model manages to squeeze 200-watts of power into the slender form factor, which should be sufficient for most players.

Ashdown Engineering The Newt 200-watt guitar amp

Ashdown Engineering The Newt 200-watt guitar amp

Guitar & Bass

Thanks to their compact design, both pedal style amps should easily fit on your pedalboard to make a nice, portable gig rig. The Newt is the guitar version, whereas The Ant covers bass duties.

Ashdown Engineering Ashdown Engineering

Ashdown Engineering The Ant bass amp


Each model comes with an onboard 3-band EQ and an integrated transformer balanced DI, again making them the ideal tools for gigging musicians. There is also a -10dB passive/active pad available on both models, allowing players to control high output instruments if needed.

Last but not least, both models have an onboard headphone preamp, which is useful when you want to practice quietly.

You’ll be able to catch up with these two new pedalboard friendly amps at the Ashdown Booth #5620 during the Winter NAMM event this week.

RRP – GBP 299 each

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