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Verbos rack

Verbos rack  ·  Source: Verbos

What the heck is a Mini Horse? Well apparently it’s a rather nifty touch activated voltage controller and combined with the Control Voltage Processor Verbos are bring a lot of CV to your Eurorack.

Mini Horse

It’s a strange name but it’s a very intuitive device. It’s a 42HP 12 keyed voltage controller. Each key has a Gate output, a Pressure output and a Position output. There’s also a Master output for each output which presents the output of whatever was touched last. There’a knob on each channel to fix the voltage. Position outs have a memory of their last touch allowing you to draw a mix across the keys when connected to voltage controlled mixers like the Harmonic Oscillator or Bark Filter Processor.

Verbos Mini Horse

Verbos Mini Horse

It’s available at the end of February for €600.

Control Voltage Processor

This is a suite of CV processing possibilities in 3 parts. The bottom 2 are DC coupled mixers that allow mixing, inverting, offsetting, scaling, multiplying, dividing, crossfading or a combination of these functions. The top section is a voltage controlled slewing processor with independent control of Positive (rise) and Negative (fall) slew rate. They have reversing attenuators, the slopes can be blended from linear to RC curves and it can be triggered like an AD envelope. The Bounce control adds a unique flare of overshoot, a bit like the effect of stopping a tape reel from turning and then letting it go.

Verbos Control Voltage Processor

Verbos Control Voltage Processor

The CVP is available in March for €450.

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