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Ibanez AZ Series Signature models 2019

NAMM 2019 - Ibanez AZ Series Signature models  ·  Source: Ibanez


Ibanez is due to present over 40 new instruments (!) at Winter NAMM 2019. Sifting through this glut of guitars, the Axion and Prestige models were the first to catch our eye. But we also the noticed another set of signature guitars based on the AZ series that look pretty cool. 


Ibanez AZ series

This group of new Ibanez Signature models bears the names of five players: Timothy Henson and Scott LePage from the band Polyphia, Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel from the band Chon and longtime Ibanez artist Andy Timmons.

All five have a classic look, and there’s something for every taste here. In addition to the striking visual features, the different pickup components are also interesting; these models come loaded with Seymour Duncan Hyperion or DiMarzio pickups.

ATZ100 Andy Timmons

First up is the Andy Timmons model. It’s got a one-piece roasted maple neck loaded with 22 frets and a bone nut. The alder body is finished in a two-tone sunburst. The bridge is a Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG tremolo bridge. Pickups consist of three DiMarzio “The Cruser” single coil units.


Coming at you like a Strat on steroids, this guitar will appeal to both modern and more traditional tastes.

Ibanez ATZ100 Andy Timmons model

Ibanez ATZ100 Andy Timmons model · Source: Ibanez

EH10 Erick Hansel

Let’s keep it short: A Nyatoh body with a walnut top, a maple neck with a Jatoba fretboard and 24 jumbo stainless steel frets and a GraphTech nut. The bridge is a Gotoh T1502. The pickups: a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro at the bridge and Hyperion at the neck position (Passive/Alnico), also by Seymour Duncan.

Ibanez EH10 Erick Hansel

Ibanez EH10 Erick Hansel · Source: Ibanez

MAR10 Mario Camarena

After our eyes have recovered from the shrill colour scheme on this model, we checked out the specs: The body is made from American basswood while the neck is made of maple and features 24 jumbo stainless steel frets and a GraphTech nut. The bridge is also a Gotoh T1502. It also has three Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups.

Ibanez MAR10 Mario Camarena

Ibanez MAR10 Mario Camarena · Source: Ibanez

SLM10 Scott LePage

Another American basswood body here, this time with a top from quilted maple. The neck is maple with a matching 22-fret fingerboard and GraphTech nut. The bridge is, once again, a Gotoh T1502 Tremolo Bridge, this time in gold matching the rest of the hardware. Let’s not forget the pickups: a DiMarzio True Velvet (Passive/Alnico) single coil at the neck and in the middle, and a DiMarzio SLM original humbucker at the bridge.

Ibanez SLM10 Scott LePage

Ibanez SLM10 Scott LePage · Source: Ibanez

THBB10 Tim Henson

Last up is the new Tim Henson model which comes in a classic black finish. The fretboard position markers are far more noticeable on this one. It has an American basswood body, roasted maple neck and a fingerboard with 24 jumbo stainless steel frets and a GraphTech nut. This one also has a Gotoh T1502 bridge. The pickups: a set of DiMarzio THBB original pickups.

Ibanez THBB10 Tim Henson

Ibanez THBB10 Tim Henson · Source: Ibanez

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Ibanez AZ Series Signature models 2019

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