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Blue Microphones Ember 2

 ·  Source: Blue

Blue Designs Ember

 ·  Source: Blue

Blue Designs Ember

 ·  Source: Blue Designs

Blue Designs revealed a new entry-level condenser microphone, the Ember. At just USD 99, it wants to be a great starter microphone for content creators such as podcasters and live streamers. Although, being a condenser mic, it ought to work for almost any instrument or vocal recording as well.

The manufacturer’s admittedly flashy marketing copy promises a custom hand-tuned condenser capsule, tight cardioid pattern, and a compact design. The microphone does look sleek and its side-address design allows its positioning in tight spaces. Side-address means the mic picks up sound only from the front instead of end-on. Rated at 132 dB SPL, the Ember offers plenty of headroom, too.

It’s difficult to find a competitive condenser microphone in this price range. The Ember seems to be made to a higher standard than most USB mics available at the price. Knowing Blue, they have tried hard to deliver quality, even at this low price point. Have they managed to make this a compelling proposition? The in-depth reviews after NAMM will tell us.

While the USD 99 price has been made clear, availability details are yet to be announced. We expect to learn more at Winter NAMM 2019 at the end of January.

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