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Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis

Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis  ·  Source: Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Rack

Noise Engineering Rack  ·  Source: Tom Fairbairn/

I’ve learned to love the mouthful of latin that is Noise Engineering’s naming convention. This year we’re getting our chops around Mimetic Digitalis, Clep Diaz, Bin Seq, Muta Jovis and Soleo Vero.

Mimetic Digitalis

But let’s begin with the main event, a 10hp 16-step two-dimensional CV sequencer optimised for live performance. It has 4 CV outputs and a trigger output. You can pause the clock in order to individually program each step, edit patterns, zero patterns, randomise stuff with the “Shred” button and then return to the initial pattern with a touch of a button. That all sounds very interesting. There’s a lot of buttons on this module – I’d quite like to have a poke. Although I find the layout a little unbalanced.


Clep Diaz – Is a complex/multimode CV generator. It can generate stepped, random or LFO CVs.

Bin Seq – switchable gate sequencer

Muta Jovis – Switchable quad mute

Soleo Vero – tuner

Check them out here:

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