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Kilpatrick Audio effects

Kilpatrick Audio effects  ·  Source: Kilpatrick Audio

Kilpatrick has a couple of prototype desktop effects units on show. Redox – a stereo reverb, and Torque – a multi-band compressor.


They’ve packed studio grade reverbs (are there another kind? Does anyone do crappy, bedroom reverbs?) into a neat desktop box that’s specially designed for electronic musicians and producers. It’s stereo and algorithmic with a high dynamic range. Comes with a load of algorithms, many classic emulations and Kilpatrick’s own “Lush Puppy” reverb. It has 24-bit converters a processing latency of less than 1ms, controls for predelay, filter and size, and lovely display for all the parameters.


It’s a hands-on stereo compressor with single or multi-band operation. Features include hard and soft knee compression, auto-ratio levelling, electro-optical simulation, variable mu-tube simulation and automatic gain. Easy to use interface, threshold and speed right up front and that lovely looking screen telling you what’s going on.

Desktop effects are definitely becoming a thing. Great for musicians who want everything accessible with their synths and laptop rather than hanging out in racks.

Both Redox and Torque should be available in May for $499 and $599 respectively.

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