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Aston Microphones Starlight Stereo Pair

Aston Microphones Starlight Stereo Pair  ·  Source: Aston Microphones

Aston Microphones Starlight

Aston Microphones Starlight  ·  Source: Aston Microphones

Aston Microphones Halo Shaddow

Aston Microphones Halo Shaddow  ·  Source: Aston Microphones


Well, this is something new! Laser targeting microphones, who’d have thought? Aston Mics have very quickly built themselves a strong reputation, so now they can start to push the boundaries. The Starlight looks really interesting, being the world’s first laser targeting pencil microphone, for use on the stage and in the studio. Also presented by Aston at NAMM 2017 is a charcoal version of their popular Halo reflection filter.


Aston Microphones Starlight and Halo Shadow

The Starlight microphone from Aston will be their first small diaphragm condenser microphone with a regular cardioid pattern. That in itself would have been tempting for all of Aston’s new-found fans, but they’ve trumped that expectation. The Starlight obviously takes its name from the fact it is fitted with a laser for repeating mic positions in the studio, and on the road from stage to stage. It doesn’t appear to measure distance which is a shame, but clearly the idea is to spot the target and place the mic on the same axis each time. It will be interesting to see how helpful the laser really is, but I look forward to lining up a singer with one!

As well as the laser, the Starlight also presents a few other neat features. Aston apparently spent a lot of RnD on finding the best capsule through blind testing, and then finding the best cover for the capsule. In the end they developed their own Sintered Metal Head which allegedly has very transparent characteristics while being very durable. In addition, they are introducing ‘Voice Switching’ for providing 3 different tone settings. These are called Vintage, Modern and Hybrid, which apparently makes the mic suitable for a variety of sources.


Finally, Aston are also announcing Halo Shadow at NAMM 2017. This is exactly the same as their very popular Aston Halo reflection filter, but this time in a sensible charcoal colour. Looks like they gave in to that purple colour, which un-surprisinly put off some customers in certain surroundings.

More Information

For more information on the Starlight microphone, visit the Aston Microphone webpage. A single Starlight is priced at 349 EUR, while a stereo kit is available with a matched pair costing 699 EUR. That’s certainly impressive pricing.

For more information on the Halo Shadow, visit the Aston Microphone webpage. Just as the regular Halo reflection filter, the ‘Shadow’ model will cost 249 EUR.

Aston Microphones Starlight Stereo Pair

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