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Mackie launch the DC16 control surface to partner with the existing DL32R Digital Mixer, delivering the ‘AXIS Digital Mixing System’. With 3 iPad’s mounted on the DC16’s SmartBridge™, visual feedback is said to be “amazing”. This promises to be a very scalable and affordable solution.

This is a long-awaited product by many who already own a DL32R, or for those considering a mixer at this end of the market. Only the other day I was speaking to a venue that recently purchased a DL32R, and the house engineer was afraid of not having a hardware fader at his fingertips. I’m sure there are many cases like this out there and I completely sympathise with them. I will now be making a recommendation.

Mackie digital mixing solutions are already serious competition for market leaders. This new DC16 control surface now addresses an issue many had with a system that is touch control only, but also offers an attractive solution for others. This system offers a lot of ‘bang for buck’ including a Dante connection, 32×32 USB computer interface, and a 32-channel multi-track recorder straight to an external hard disk. Add multiple iOS devices for several engineers to operate the desk or for performers to mix their own monitoring and it’s sure to be very popular.

Pricing of the DC16 is unavailable yet, but it will of course be very interesting to see how it compares to the Behringer X32. With the Mackie AXIS system being modular, however, customers will be able to scale their system appropriately, or build as funds allow. Mind you, with 3 iPad’s or more in place, it could soon add up.

Just a thought: as the DC16 works via a Dante connection, I wonder if the control surface might one day function with DAW’s for multi-purpose uses?

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