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Expressivee Touché  ·  Source:

Expressivee Touché  ·  Source:

They’ve been teasing this for weeks leading up to NAMM without actually explaining anything or showing you what it looks like. All I know is that it’s an expressive controller with MIDI, SUB and CV outputs. According to the forum post on “Basically, you put your hand on the wooden control surface and wiggle it, tap it, jiggle it, move it forward, backward, side-to-side…and each thing you do can control a function like filter sweeps and more.”

Just found this video featuring two fit men in tight tops demonstrating the Touché in an abandoned warehouse somewhere surrounded by interesting vintage gear:

It looks like the Touché allows you to manipulate various parameters depending on how you handle or stroke the slab thing. It seems to be able to handle more than one destination at a time and has quite a few cables coming out the back. I wonder whether it does more or less than the ROLI Seaboard controllers, hopefully more information will be forth coming but for now it looks like a load of fun.

There’s still no information available on

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