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MXR Reverb 770  ·  Source: MXR

The new MXR M300 Reverb pedal has six reverbs all crammed into a nice small format. It features a 100% analogue, dry signal path and has a lot of cool features in that little box.

The M300 Reverb pedal features Plate, Spring, Epic, Mod,Room and Pad reverbs, so there should be enough for most applications. It’s a true bypass pedal and also can be set up with delay trails between patches. Yet it still has a simple three-control layout, making it easy to tweak on the fly. The online demo features some good examples of all of the six different reverb types. MXR claim that by upping the internal voltage to 20 volts (which they call  Constant Headroom Technology) they have created a much better internal headroom for the signal, allegedly helping maintain the clarity and dynamic range of the reverb effect.

You can also use an external expression pedal like the Dunlop DVP to manipulate the effect in real time. This will give you the ability to blend between two different knob settings, apparently. Each of the six reverb types has its own characteristics. The ones I found of interest are the Pad, which adds an octave up and a sub-octave below the original signal, and the Epic, which MXR describe as ‘combination of multiple interwoven analog-tone delay lines and complex modulation’. The rest of the reverbs are standard fare and so shouldn’t be too hard to work out, as they seem to be old standards in reverb terms.

The form factor of the pedal, I feel, is a huge bonus for those players that like to either have a small board or cram lots of pedals onto a larger board. That now classic ’70s MXR form factor is still a really good size for a pedal.

RRP USD $199.99


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