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Musiclawyer: Get Your Contract Checked for Free!

Musiclawyer: Get your contract checked for free!  ·  Source: tim wege / Alamy Stock Foto

ADVERTISEMENT is a new website designed to help you avoid legal issues and identify potential problems in recording agreements and other contracts. Founded by Kevin Moo aka Daddy Kev, this AI-powered tool can help you make sense of the legal gibberish in recording and distribution agreements.


Daddy Kev’s musiclawyer: Get your contract checked out for free

Announced on X this week, is still in beta, but you can already try the AI-based tool for yourself. Simply upload your contract document or copy/paste the text on the website, and the AI will analyze your agreement and identify potential issues or warning signs. At the time of writing, the tool supports documents in English, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and French. According to Moo Resident Advisor, the tool will even soon be able to draft simple contracts like split sheets and co-production agreements. Sounds promising!

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More Information supports two AI tools: ChatGPT 3.5 and Google Gemini. Before uploading your contract for analysis, you can select which one you’d like to use. Gemini is now regarded as the better choice for longer contracts. In contrast to ChatGPT, musiclawyer can extract text from images or scanned documents using OCR (optical character recognition), as Moo, who is a grammy-winning music producer, DJ, and label executive, wrote on X. It couldn’t be more simple than that!

The developer points out that the website cannot replace the expertise of a skilled attorney. Instead, it is intended as a tool “for clarification and insight”, so you can seek professional advice if needed. “Most independent artists I know cannot afford to hire an attorney, so in lieu of no other viable options, my hope is the app is useful,” Daddy Kev writes. I tried the tool using some of my own contracts and it provided some helpful insights, even with the beta version.

In the future, will also be able to help you make sense of royalty audit statements, although that feature isn’t available just yet. While testing the tool using a DistroKid statement, Moo found “30+ issues”, including missing ISRCs, missing country data, and blank fields. That sounds promising – not just for musicians, but also for smaller labels looking to double-check the statements before sending them out. As Moo wrote on X, “in most royalty audit situations, the sole data source is the statement from the label or distributor, which is often flawed.”


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More Information and Spotstats: Helpful Tools for Musicians

In addition to, Moo announced another new app this week. Spotstats, which is not AI-based and also currently in beta, allows you to verify your Spotify for Artists data. Using statistical modules based on Python and deployed as APIs, Spotstats estimates your daily, monthly, and yearly streaming revenue. According to Moo, “it’s perhaps the first (and only) stream forecasting app available publicly.” While the tools was originally developed for internal use at Alpha Pup, the developer says that it “has more value and useful application in the hands of artists directly”.

Both new tools – and Spotstats – seem very promising and are already very helpful for anyone dealing with streaming and music business contracts. Try out the websites for yourself and see what they can do for you!

More about and Spotstats

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Musiclawyer: Get Your Contract Checked for Free!

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2 responses to “Musiclawyer: New AI-based Tool Checks Your Contracts for Free”

    Ab. says:

    Never use AI for legal stuffs (or any sensitive matter). Mistakes and bugs are inevitable with this technology and you’ll have no way to know if it’s actual advice, plain wrong or even a made up law (it’s already happened multiple times)

    I cannot stress this enough : Do not trust this.

    legalize2025 says:

    do they take full reponsibility for mistakes ?
    probably not. you are alone with your useless ai in case of problems.

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