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Jump Synth

Jump Synth  ·  Source: Yann Seznec

Yann Seznec has created the Jump Synth which combines a sensor embedded trampoline with a portable synthesizer so he can bounce in the woods and make music without disturbing anyone.

Jump Synth

The Jump Synth looks a lot like a hand-made boom box but I guess we have to assume that it contains some form of hardware synthesizer that makes good use of the twin speakers. It’s built on Bela which is an audio orientated development platform and written in Pure Data.

The synth has 8 knobs which control volume, decay, delay feedback, FM amount, FM index, crunch, pitch offset and pitch range. The synth is then loaded with a sequence of notes and each bounce on the trampoline progresses the sequence to the next note.

The sound runs to a stereo amplifier and it’s all powered by a USB battery pack.

The results are a whole load of fun.

Yann is “Game Developer in Residence” at MICA Game Lab whatever that may mean. Here’s Yann talking about the use of trampolines.

More information

  • Yann Seznec Jump Synth on Github.