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Seems simple enough. Playing back individual tracks of audio from an iPad. But it’s not something that strictly be done – until now. Multitracker is an audio playback app for iOS that can address all the individual outputs on your audio interface.


Before we go any further I should point out that Multitracker is not a DAW. It’s not music creation software, it’s a music player. You might use it for playing backing tracks while singing or playing live. Multitracker allows you to route the audio from your backing tracks to different outputs. This gives you greater control over mixing when live or to use as different monitor mixes. For instanse you could send a click track to the drummer, keyboards to the keyboard player and harmonies to the singer.

Within the software you can create songs and playlists containing your multiple tracks of audio. There are level faders and mute and solo buttons to give you control over the output. It’s perhaps a simple program in terms of pro-audio and my interest is really in the multi-track ability and how that can change the iPad as a sound source. It’s designed for band accompianment but I could see it being used in sound design, installations and theatre productions. Lots of potential there I think.

You don’t need any specialised hardware, any class compliant audio interface will do. Or you can simply use the stereo output on the iPad itself.

Multitracker is $9.99 and available from the iTunes App store. More information available on the Multitracker website.

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  1. John says:

    So to be clear, I could have a separate click, backing track, announcement track, second announcement track – a total of four – coming out of the iPad into the iConnect 4 audio interface if I wanted?

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