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North Coast Middle Path VCO

North Coast Middle Path VCO  ·  Source: North Coast Synthesis

The strangely named MSK 013 Middle Path VCO from North Coast Synthesis journeys between East and West Coast synthesis with a dual oscillator module for simple sounds and a sine shaper for complex waveforms.

Middle Path VCO

The “MSK 013” is just a product number and distracts from the much more pleasing name of Middle Path VCO. On the East side you have two triangle-core VCOs with 4 waveforms and the usual 1v/oct pitch control and on the West side you can push them into each other for some wave shaping, folding, phase modulation and distortion including though-zero and imitation stereo. And so by journeying to both coasts we find the Middle Path – nice! Each of the two VCOs offers an input for pulse width modulation and FM and there are two sync modes of soft and firm.

North Coast Synthesis says that they used premium components to ensure temperature stability and excellent tracking of the two oscillator cores. The multi-output Gilbert-style sine shaper that sits between the oscillators features their own quadrature modification that can be used to generate a stereo signal or frequency shifting effects. You can also route in external sources.

So, essentially, you get two independent VCOs with a funky bit of shaping and wavefolding you can do between the two if you so wish. And you have all the outputs for each oscillator available plus a sine, cosine and combination output from the shaper. It even has Eurorack bus compatibility for controlling the pitch over the bus without patching

The Middle Path VCO comes either fully assembled or as a kit for £395.35 or £268.88 respectively. They say the kit is an easy build for a complex oscillator and is all through-hole components.

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