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Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO

Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO  ·  Source: Outer Space Sounds

Barcelona based producer Blanali has posted some videos of a prototype FM synthesizer. It’s called MOSTRO from Outer Space Sounds (OSS) and should be coming to Kickstarter very soon. Here’s a preview.


The basic idea was evidently to build an FM synth that was instantly controllable. So often the innards of FM synthesis is buried behind menus and numerical tables. Programming an FM synth can be a bit of a task and it’s not the sort of thing in which you’d have many happy accidents like you do with most other forms of synthesis. Yet it’s precisely this level of complexity that attracts people to it. MOSTRO wants to put these parameters more directly into the hands of the user. They want to introduce a level of expressiveness and flexibility that’s hard to find in FM hardware.

This little box has 4-voice polyphony, an LFO, a sub oscillator, delay effect and glide. All of the parameters are realised in physical knobs on the front plate. It also has a little sort of mechanical keyboard on the front which looks very interesting. Perhaps more so than the one found on the Korg Volca FM, the most obvious comparison.

Further details at this stage are sketchy. The sound in the demo video which video OSS posted to Instagram is quite remarkable, showing off some kind of internal sequencer.

As does Blanali’s video which also steps through a lot of the functionality.

There doesn’t appear to be any CV patching as far as I can see. This image from Instagram appears to show just MIDI in and out, plus audio and power on the back panel.

It’s really quite an interesting little box. We’ve reached out for more information and we’ll let you know if we get any. In the meantime check out the basic functionality below. And you’ll find Blanali’s original blog post about it here. There doesn’t appear to be anything in terms of a website. Your best bet for information will be the Facebook page here.

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  1. Sotoyoto says:

    Are you sure about the Spanish bit? Far as I know, it is a South American / German collaboration and made in Colombia. Fabulous little synth module whatever.

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