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Moog Model 10

Moog Model 10  ·  Source: Moog


Moog is reissuing the Model 10 large format modular. It’s a faithful recreation of the 1971 original modular synthesizer in a single Tolex-covered cabinet. Wow!


Model 10

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment or two… and then let’s watch the beautiful promotional video.


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Dr Bob Moog created the Model 10 in 1971. It’s as fully analogue, hand-soldered instrument made up of 11 discrete analogue modules. It’s simpler than the Model 15 that came later; the Model 10 focuses on purity, speed and accessibility. Simply beautiful.


But wait a minute, didn’t Moog do this already back in 2019? Yes, Moog did test the water with a limited release; however, for 2022 it’s been adjusted and smoothed out a bit. Moog has also committed to it being more generally available. The improvements include an updated power supply which works outside the US (!) and redesigned back panel to help with all that. The calibration and tuning is much tighter, and they’ve sorted out the problems with radiation. So, just a few tweaks then.


The Model 10 consists of eleven modules. There’s the 901 VCO, two 901B Oscillators and the 901A Oscillator Driver. You got the 902 VCA, 903A Random Signal Generator and two 911 Envelope Generators. For filtering we have the 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter and the 907 Fixed Filter Bank. Rounding it off is the CP11 Console Panel.

Moog Model 10

Moog builds each system to order. The modules are built just as they were 50 years by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards using traditional wiring methods. The engineers hand-finish each module with an aluminium front panel, and hand-wired them into a custom cabinet ready for shipping. A lot of hands are involved in the creation of the Model 10.


In some of the press photos, the Model 10 is paired with a cabinet housing a couple of Sequential Controllers and Switches, which would be ideal for running the Model 10.

Update: Apparently, it’s called the Moog Sequencer Complement B Portable Expansion Cabinet Reissue and is available for $10,999.

My assumption is that if you are in the market for something like this, then you should be talking to your Moog rep directly, and they’ll sort you out.

Moog Model 10 and companion cabinet

Moog Model 10 and companion cabinet

There’s also no mention of price at the moment. In 2019 the price was £9,950, but with Moog recently putting up prices on other synthesizers, I imagine we’ll be well over the £10k mark.

Update: I can confirm that $11,999 is the price of the Model 10.

The Model 10 looks absolutely as good as you imagine it would be. It’s another level of modular fiddling that is difficult to fully comprehend through the lens of Eurorack. It will be expensive but also incomparable to anything else in terms of its solidity and artistic value. I wonder if they’ll send me one for review?

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Moog Model 10

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