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Memory Moog Raffle

Memory Moog Raffle  ·  Source:

The Moog Foundation have announced a Summer Raffle and the prize is a lovingly restored original Memory Moog synthesiser from the 1980s. Usually with raffles you just win a food hamper or a fluffy teddy bear, with this one you get something with lovely analogue filters and lots of retro sounds instead.

Memory Moog

If you enjoy old synthesisers then you will probably know what a Memory Moog sounds like; fat and lovely is how I would describe them. Luckily I used to work somewhere that had an old one kicking around that we could play on. So I speak with fond memories of that old synth.

Memory Moog Raffle

Memory Moog Raffle

Moog Foundation

The Bob Moog Foundation has had this old beauty fully restored and is raffling it off to raise money for the foundation’s ‘educational and historic preservation initiatives’. The raffle is limited to 4000 tickets worldwide and each ticket only costs $25, so worth a punt really.

The Memorymoog being offered, serial number 2626, was built at Moog Music’s Cheektowaga, NY factory and is valued in excess of $6,500. It is in excellent technical condition and has been meticulously serviced by respected vintage synth specialists Tone Tweakers Inc.

Be quick!

The raffle closes at midnight on September 6th, so be quick. The last raffle they held apparently sold out in 8 days. Well, I think I know what I’m spending my coffee and doughnut money on this week. Check out the two videos below to hear what the Memory Moog Synthesiser is capable of. You might not want to go play with those VST/AU synth plugins any more though…

Memorymoog specifications include:

  • Three voltage controlled oscillators with mixable waveforms
  • Polyphonic, with six articulated voices per oscillator
  • Auto tune function tunes oscillators in less than five seconds
  • VCO syncing
  • Unison mode for a robust 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead
  • Six 24dB-per-octave Moog ladder filters
  • Dual concentric vernieresque tuning pots feeding true discrete Moog ladder filters into overdrive
  • Ultra fast envelope generators (ADSR, not ADS as on the Minimoog)
  • Sample and hold
  • Extensive modulation section with numerous routings
  • Alpha numeric readout that gives controls old and new values side by side when editing existing patches so they can be returned
  • 100 patch memory driven by a 0-9 a-d keypad with a massive LED patch number readout
  • Interfacing including the ability to drive a monosynth from the highest note played from either CV/Gate or CV/S-Trig
  • Arpeggiator features nine different modes, including a mode where all voices are triggered simultaneously


For full details check the Moog Foundation page here


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