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Mooer Reverie twin pedals reverb hours preset twin switches

Mooer Reverie Chorus  ·  Source:

Mooer Reverie twin pedals reverb hours preset twin switches

Mooer Reverie Reverb  ·  Source:

Mooer have announced two new twin pedals, the Reverie Chorus and Reverie Reverb. Both also feature the ability to store presets as well. 

The company has a solid reputation in making affordable mini-versions of classic pedals. Some people love them and some of their pedals have a cult status already. For example, their ElecLady flanger has a great reputation as sounding like the classic it was based on and also being much better than boutique flanger pedals that cost four or five times as much.

Each pedal has six mini pots and two larger full-sized controls on the front panel, plus two buttons for storing patches as well. They also, of course, have two foot switches for activating and controlling the effects as well.

The Reverie Reverb has five types of reverb – plate, shimmer, octave, modulation and reverb (i.e plates, room etc.). The Reverie Chorus has: chorus, rotary, ambience, shimmer and multiple (i.e  wah, phaser, talk, tremolo, stutter, square-wave tremolo/wah, square-wave tremolo/phaser and tremolo/wah).

The two units should be available between May and June. If you need a pedal that packs in a lot of effects into one unit, these two new pedals could be worth trying out. As yet, there are no reviews online of either unit. However, I would imagine they will get a lot of interest as the pricing on them seems to be very reasonable. The audio demos on youtube sound promising, but with this type of effect a lot of also comes down to ease of use and build quality, so hopefully some reviews will surface online soon.



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