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TipTop Audio MISO

TipTop Audio MISO  ·  Source: TipTop Audio


Eurorack utilities are unglamorous but phenomenally useful modules. They don’t grab the attention like the rock star filter or excitedly animate like an LFO. Instead, they do calm, helpful and thoughtful things that can quietly revolutionise your sound. MISO from TipTop Audio is one such utility that packs a small laboratory of functionality into a single module.



MISO is a CV gate trigger and mix utility module. It has 4 channels that can be employed in various ways. You can mix them together as either audio or CV so you can simplify your signal chain or combine modulation sources into a more complex source. You can scale down CV sources to introduce some control and subtlety or keep turning the knob to invert them and build them up again. Or you can add CV in order to offset the voltage coming in. You can also crossfade between signals splitting the module into two 2-channel sections and mixing between them. Feed the MISO with envelopes, LFOs or sequences to create new shapes and then crossfade them manually or with CV for even further complexity of shapes and animation of control signals. Crossfade between the waveforms of a VCO or audio samples with CV for more motion.

It’s the sort of module that rewards experimentation and can also do exactly what you expect it to. It also looks as fresh and clean as a citrus salad.

MISO should be available now for a cool $99.


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A slightly uninspired video but it gets the idea across.

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TipTop Audio MISO

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