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Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive

Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive  ·  Source: YouTube/Maxon


Maxon has just issued a new OD-9 Blackdrive. It is a limited edition pedal with only 250 units being produced, and comes in a special silk matt black finish. It has been released a few days before Halloween, so maybe it is a tie-in for the season?


Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive

The OD-9 Blackdrive is the result of the cooperation between the Japanese pedal manufacturer Maxon and Filling Distribution. Essentially, the pedal is a reissue of the legendary OD-9/TS-9 circuit from the early ’80s and uses the same JRC45581C chip as the original. The pedal has a true-bypass circuit and more drive and output than the OD808.

Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive

Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive in silk matt black finish

European Exclusive

It is a limited release, with only 250 pedals being produced, and exclusively for the European market. And if you want one, you will need to be pretty quick as well as have access to a European dealership. I can imagine these being quite sought after by pedal collectors and will admit that I quite like the silk matt black finish myself.

Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive 9-18V operation for more headroom

Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive 9-18V operation for more headroom

Made in Japan

If you like more headroom, you will be pleased to hear that the Japanese-made OD-9 Blackdrive can be operated with 9-18 V. This should give your overdrive more flexibility. And if you are fussy about your drive tones, then having more internal headroom is normally a desirable thing to have.

The basic controls of Tone, Drive, and Level are all you really need from a good overdrive circuit, and these Japanese-made drives already have a pretty stellar reputation for being both versatile and full of great tones. As with any drive pedal, it is all about how you ‘dial it in’ to you your own playing style and amp setup. Less is usually more when it comes to control knobs (unless you are Yngwie Malmsteen, where more is always more).

You can check the new OD-9 Blackdrive out in the official demo video below. I think it sounds pretty good and am a sucker for the finish as well.



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Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive Video


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Maxon OD-9 Blackdrive

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