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Mastering The Mix Expose 2

Mastering The Mix Expose 2  ·  Source: Mastering The Mix


Mastering The Mix has released Expose 2. The software helps you find technical errors like clipping, over-compression or phase issues in your mixes. This helps to make sure that what you upload to streaming platforms or distribute by other means is of the best possible quality.


Mastering The Mix Expose 2

Expose 2 is a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows. It analyzes audio files and detects problems that aren’t always obvious to the ears. While you may not be able to hear them, these errors can become real issues when you upload your mixes to streaming providers or play them through the PA system at your local club. Expose 2 helps you to make sure you deliver a flawless product.

Simply drag and drop your audio files onto the application and select the preset that matches the intended method of distribution (e.g. streaming, club, CD, YouTube, etc.). You can also import a reference track to compare your mix to. Expose 2 comes with a selection of reference profiles, which were derived from commercially successful tracks from a variety of styles.

The software then analyzes your mixes in terms of loudness, peaks, stereo image / phase issues and dynamic range. If there’s a problem, the corresponding value is displayed in red and highlighted in the audio waveform. This makes it easy to determine not only IF there’s an error, but also WHERE.

Expose 2 also looks at the tonal balance of your track and compares it to the imported reference track or the selected profile. Ever played your track through a club PA, only to find out that it’s much too bass-heavy? This feature helps to prevent that sort of thing.


We tend to perceive louder music as better-sounding, so it’s easy to fall into the trap and prefer the louder mix over the better one. To prevent this, Expose 2 includes a loudness matching feature. All tracks are normalized to the same perceived loudness, so you can make meaningful comparisons.

Price and compatibility

Mastering The Mix Expose 2 is now available from the developer’s website for GBP 49. If you own V1, you can upgrade for GBP 19. A 15-day free trial is available.

Expose 2 runs on macOS 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher.

More information about Expose 2


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Mastering The Mix Expose 2

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