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Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System Plus

Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System Plus  ·  Source: Make Noise

Make Noise 7U Steel case

Make Noise 7U Steel case  ·  Source: Make Noise


The Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System is an exercise in creative modular integration. It’s a perfectly curated collection of modules designed to offer an artistic workflow. Naturally, it uses only Make Noise Eurorack modules. They’ve just announced a new version called the Black and Gold Shared System Plus which includes only one extra module but it’s all crafted together in a new 7U steel case complete with Make Noise logo. This is legendary stuff.


Shared System Plus

I had a play on the original Shared System at the Modular Meet in Leeds in the summer. There’s something about the flow of audio and control voltage that’s somehow poetic. There’s this 1U strip in the middle that operates as a CV patchbay and that somehow pulls what would be a mess of patch cables into a calmer, more focused system. The modules themselves are individually excellent but when you combine them like this you begin to see the threads in their thinking. How they complement each other and work together. There’s no filler or utility that doesn’t need to be there.

But there was a bit of space left in the 208HP provided by the Shared System and so with the Plus version they’ve decided to add the Tempi. Tempi is a 6 channel polyphonic time-shifting clock module. It can create complex clocking arrangements either by itself or via human interaction. It leaves 12HP free for your own choice of module that will completely ruin the look and feel of this thoughtfully put together machine.

Along with the Tempi you also get, a DPO dual oscillator, René sequencer, Pressure Points controller, Echophon delay, Maths thingy, Wogglebug random generator, Optomix low pass gate, modDemix modulator, Morphagene sampler, Erbe-Verb reverb and a 1U “Horizontal Control Signal Distribution and Indication CV Bus”.

Steel Case

The 7U steel case looks amazing and is also available by itself. It’s the perfect way to make the system robust and portable. The powder-coated steel construction is 2lbs lighter than the wooden version. It has a matte black finish which, they say, will “show the story of your modular synth’s travels over the years”. Which is a romantic way of saying it will scratch up nicely. The case includes their innovative 1U CV bus routing system and a power supply. The CV bus includes an audio input for external sources, line and headphone outputs – it’s a very useful thing.

The Shared System Plus is available now and costs the same as the original at $4495, so we can assume that this is essentially replacing it. You can also request the wooden case if you prefer. The steel case is available for $660 and will be available on its own in the New Year.


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  • Make Noise Shared System Plus webpage.
  • Make Noise 7U steel case.


Original Shared System.

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Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System Plus

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