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AVP MAD-5  ·  Source:


AVP MAD-5  ·  Source:

Only yesterday we were talking about the reissue of the legendary Polivoks Soviet synth. Then today the more current Russian synth manufacturers AVP, who definitely take a nod from Polivoks in terms of style, released an image of the new MAD-5 MIDI Analogue drum machine on instagram.

The MAD-5 is listed on their website as being “in development” along with a very interesting “Hybrid” monophonic bass synthesizer. Instead AVP have decided to release the details only on their Facebook page. It’s a closed group but I was approved within seconds of clicking the “Join” button. It’s not a bad way of gathering some followers.


When I say “details” I mean perhaps a handful of words. What we know is that it’s fully analogue, has MIDI and individual outputs. The “5” refers to the 5 drums generators: bass drum, snare, clap, open and closed hi-hat. There’s tune and level control over each. The bass drum gets a Wave and a Reso knob. The others all get a Decay. The snare has a Noise and Sweep and the clap has Space and Balance. That’s a good load of individual control. The layout is ordered and straight forward and looks the part of a Russian made drum sound source.

Availability is going to be quite taxing. So far they have made 6 but hopefully further batches will follow. The price is €290 plus €60 delivery into Europe. Sound demos and videos should appear over the next week, but for now we just have the images.

Personally I’m looking forward to the forthcoming Hybrid synth and so AVP is a company to keep an eye on.

Here’s their Facebook page. Here’s their website.

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