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Introducing the Lynx Hilo 2 Professional AD/DA Converter

Introducing the Lynx Hilo 2 Professional AD/DA Converter  ·  Source: Lynx Studio


Just announced for NAMM 2024 is the Lynx Hilo 2, the latest version of the revered 2-channel high-end AD/DA converter from Lynx Studio.

The original Hilo converter was released way back in 2012, and since then it has become an aspirational piece of kit in recording and mastering studios all over the world.

Lynx Hilo 2

According to Lynx, the new Hilo 2 interface boasts even lower noise and distortion levels than its predecessor. In addition, the sample clock is now upgraded with SynchroLock 2 technology, resulting in faster locking times, and improved tracking when external clocks are used, as well as now offering 7ppm absolute accuracy.

“When we released the original Hilo in 2012, it made a big impact on the world of mixing, mastering, location sound, and many other disciplines within professional audio. It became an immediate game-changer regarding the expectation of true transparency during the analog to digital conversion process.”

Lynx Chief Hardware Engineer and co-owner, Bob Bauman
Lynx Hilo 2
Hilo 2

“Hilo 2 offers significant improvements in both the audio performance and functionality of the original Hilo. Now more than ever, the ultimate in world-class audio conversion will be appreciated by the community of audio engineers, recordists, and music producers.”

Chief Software Engineer and co-owner, David Hoatson

The now brighter LCD screen has also been improved with a capacitive touch panel for better viewing from all angles and better overall touch response. What’s more, the Hilo 2 allows an upgrade path for sample rates exceeding 192 kHz and DSD on both the input and the output stages. Also, there are selectable linear and minimum-phase filters provided on the Hilo 2 line I/O.

Pricing and availability:

The Hilo 2 will be available next quarter from your favourite retailer. Pricing info is not yet available, but we speculate it should be in a similar price range to the previous Hilo model, which was $3000-$3600.

You can hear the Hilo 2 for yourself at NAMM 2024 by finding Lynx Studio at booth #15504.

More about the Lynx Hilo 2:

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Introducing the Lynx Hilo 2 Professional AD/DA Converter

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