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Lunar Lander

 ·  Source: Pulsar Modular

Virtual synth developer Pulsar Modular wants to inject a dose of modular synth-style effects into your projects. It introduced Lunar Lander, an effects processor plug-in styled as a virtual pedal. The virtual circuitry is based on the developer’s Pulsar Modular P900 soft synth’s effects section. The offerings on tap include a bucket brigade-style analog delay, three Lexicon-style plate reverbs, and a tube saturation section. Cool stuff!

Lunar Lander effects plug-in

So what can you do with all that? Pulsar says the plug-in is great at breathing life into sterile-sounding softsynths and getting audio to sit better in the mix. The delay is good for adding some groove to programmed sequencies, and the reverbs can get you some over-the-top retro style sounds for all types of instruments. So plenty of fun to be had with this plug-in!

Win an NFR license!

Pulsar Modular has also launched an immensely cool contest to help promote Lunar Lander. The developer needs audio samples to showcase the plug-in’s abilities. But rather than producing them in-house, Pulsar decided to turn this into a contest! Grab the demo, play around with the plug-in, record the results if you feel they stand for something and send in your soundbites. If the developer feels they are any good, you will win an NFR license and have them featured on the website.

Price and availability

The steep EUR 132 price tag makes it all the more attractive to try and crank out some respectable samples in order to win an NFR. Otherwise, a 20-day fully functional trial version is available with no pesky dongles or complex registrations involved. Lunar Lander is available in AU and VST3 formats for Windows and Mac computers.

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One response to “Lunar Lander is a modular synth-style virtual effects pedal (and you can win an NFR)”

  1. Udi Zisser says:

    I’m really impressed with this plugin. The sound and feel is exceptionally organic and exciting.
    Putting the plugin on dry synth presets, piano, guitar (or anything else) makes it sound so much better.

    Here is my tutorial and some sound examples:
    Check my channel for more plugins tutorials and reviews:

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