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Lunacy Audio Cube

Lunacy Audio Cube  ·  Source: Lunacy Audio

Lunacy Audio Cube Instrument window

Lunacy Audio Cube Instrument window  ·  Source: Lunacy Audio

Lunacy Audio Cube modulation window

Lunacy Audio Cube modulation window  ·  Source: Lunacy Audio


We love a bit of innovation and Lunacy Audio does it with their proprietary 3D sample engine that visualises and modulates samples in 3D space.



We also really enjoy new and groundbreaking things and apparently, CUBE is all this and more. It’s a “new kind of instrument” and a “new dimension in sound” but what are they actually talking about?

CUBE is a sampled based software instrument that uses 8 layers represented in 3D in the middle of the interface by the corners of a cube. By moving a floating orb in 3 dimensions you can morph and mix between different samples. Very much like how you would with an XY pad, but with a Z dimension, or in Vector synthesis.

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The CUBE is affected by 3 key controls; Ether, Macro and Filter. Ether brings in intensity and sweeps between the two dynamic layers present in each sample, Macro is tied to a number of parameters specific to the preset for dramatic changes, and Filter is a low-pass filter.

For modulation there are a handful of LFOs you can drag and drop about the place. However, it’s the “Orbits” function that looks the most interesting. Orbits describes motion pathways within the CUBE for automating and modulating between samples. You can choose from preset paths or design your own. You have all sorts of control over speed, movement, rotation and modulation of the modulators. This is a fun place to play!

CUBE comes with over 100 instruments built from over 3,000 samples and crafted into over 400 presets. It has over 40 Orbits to choose from and 13 effects modules. The interface looks fantastic with that pulsing and animated cube in the middle. It sometimes feels like every week someone tried to come up with another way to deliver a sample library to our desktops but the modulation system within CUBE certainly does bring something fresh and interesting to the party.

CUBE is available now for macOS and Windows $249 as standalone, VST, AU and AAX.

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Lunacy Audio Cube

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