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Plaits running Brains?

Plaits running Brains?  ·  Source: vpme

Apparently, according to the internet, a leaked Behringer BRAINS firmware can be run on the Mutable Instruments Plaits giving access to the display software. Could this be possible?


Plaits into Brains

The BRAINS multi-engine oscillator is, as we know, based on the open-source Mutable Instruments Plaits. They added a few touches like a couple of extra oscillator modes and the rather snazzy display.

Well, according to a post on Instagram (that most reliable of sources) the Behringer Brains firmware has been leaked and can be loaded up onto a Plaits module. Apparently, it’s not possible to access the new modes Behringer has added because of a security feature that requires a special unlock code in the bootloader. I’m sure someone will work out a way around that at some point.

Plaits and Brains

Plaits and Brains

It’s brilliantly demonstrated on Instagram by Vladimir Pantelic of (Euclidean Circles, QuadDrum Voice) who wired an OLED display onto a Plaits to see if it worked.



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Ha, no, awesome though the idea may be, it was just a joke, a ruse and a jolly jape. Vladimir discovered that the Plaits CPU had just enough pins to drive an OLED screen and so he spent an afternoon adjusting the open-source code and wired one on the front. He posted a demo to Instagram as a joke which is where I saw it and completely fell for it. I’m glad I approached Vladimir before posting this article! He’s a funny guy.

The little screen works brilliantly but has absolutely nothing to do with the Brains firmware which has not, to my knowledge, been leaked.

However, the nature of open source code is that it’s designed to be shared for exactly these sort of fun and inventive reasons. If Behringer wants to plunder the open source archives then they should also embrace this sort of activity and release their firmware into the wild for people to fiddle with.

Anyway, move along, nothing to see here. Apologies to anyone annoyed by my slight deception – it was an interesting idea that made me laugh out loud when I realised it was a joke. I felt it was too good not to share – but it takes all sorts.

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22 responses to “Leaked firmware claims to turn PLAITS into BRAINS”

  1. Why? says:

    Thanks for your misleading title. Sure fell for that. How does it feel to produce clickbait under the guise of real news? Asshole.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      You are very welcome, it brought me a lot of joy when I discovered the joke last night and wanted others to enjoy it. Just a bit of fun.

  2. curioso says:

    I’ve been a subscriber to this site for a while, and I have to ask, with all respect: why post this? The title is misleading, verging on clickbait. I’m not without a sense of humor, but I just don’t see why you posted this in its current form.

  3. Steve says:

    This article shows that Behringer is so deep in your ass. How does it feel to be an UliMonkey? All credibility in this site and actually Thomann is gone. Good job! You lost a customer. Musicstore here I come.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      That doesn’t make any sense to me. The joke was firmly aimed at Behringer, poking fun at their plundering of open source software, evidently we did a poor job of communicating that in which case i’m sorry you missed it.

  4. Borp says:

    What an obnoxious post…

  5. Ronald says:

    I guess it’s clear your joke doesn’t resonate well with some readers. Tip: perhaps make the title more like a question instead of a statement. “Is it possible to turn Plaids into Brains?”. It will generate the same interest without offending (some) people.

  6. John says:

    All I care about is whether I can load Plaits firmware on Brains – if so, I can load my own; that’s all I want.

  7. Phil Tobin says:

    lol…Anyone who knows Plaits will also know there’s no part of the circuit to just simply add a display as noticed when whoever made the video turns the module over. Thanks for sharing Robin, keep up the good work.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      Well you’ll have to talk to Vladimir about that because he said there are just enough lines in and out of the CPU to support a display and all it took was an afternoon of coding to make it work. He’s a clever guy.

    • av500 says:

      actually when I turn the module over is it to show that the OLED is indeed connected directly to Plaits and not a big separate unit behind, what you see is just a piece of prototyping PCB to hold it in place.

  8. Analoger says:

    Hmm.. a bunch of snowflakes replying here… all good Robin.. ignore the kids whining..

  9. circuitbender says:

    more people than not won’t see the ‘joke’ in your article because you’ve worked hard to be credible and reliable source of info and news for your employer and readers but, the readers now feel like they’ve been mislead/agitated/conned… and you think it’s funny, because you think it’s funny… hahaha, still laughing about it now.

    it’s the authors responses that to me show his bold blind arrogance and pride. like royalty, never wrong… it’s funny because I say it is!!! hahaha

    take this as a lesson and learn from it to be a better author and/or journalist. perfect people can’t learn especially not from mistakes, because they never make them, right?

    others didn’t see the humour in it because… well why? because it’s not really funny. your a journalist and/or author, not a comedian. so please just slip the f——- back into yourself, your role and eat some humble pie!

    English is my third language, and I drive a forklift, not a comedian, author, or anything much in case you wanted to have a dig at me and/or my grammatical errors…

    • Robin Vincent says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. I think i responded to the comments to answer the question about why I wrote the article. And it is simply because it made me laugh out loud. I didn’t tell anyone off for not finding it funny and you are welcome to do so. We don’t have to display these comments but we believe that people are welcome to express themselves and disagree with something we’ve written. You’re right, we do work hard at being credible and reliable but we also need to be able to laugh at ourselves or we’d all go mad. I am truly sorry that some people didn’t appreciate the article. Our intention was nothing more than lightness, joy or I’ll even take a groan. And I’m always trying to do things better.

      • Jesus Christ says:

        You have no credibility. You shill for Thomann and don’t know what the f— you’re talking about most of the time.

        Adding this to your list of s— articles doesn’t help.

        • circuitbender says:

          amen! Jesus!!! amen!

          thank you LORD for AGAIN sharing your light and speaking truths..

          yes of course, you can always turn off comments! DAH! especially when those comments aren’t in line with your agenda! what a communistic scuzz move that would be? but then again that’s what every platform seems to do once one speaks (not even against) out of line with their agenda.
          resistance is futile?
          convert to seeing it (our way) as funny or we delete your comment!

          again it’s this authors replies that show their true colours…

          camouflage puke green, diarrhoea brown with spermatic swirls of comedic outburst pink…. DAH!

          • Robin Vincent says:

            Oh dear, I think you should go and have a lay down somewhere. Maybe a nice cup of tea?

  10. circuitbender says:

    perhaps you should take some online courses on how to be a better journalist, author, or just literature in general. Darjeeling is the tea I drink all day long (sigh) so once again you are way off mark.

    please just take my advice and also your own! stop wearing your emotions on your sleeve! eat some humble pie, stfu, LEARN from this and move on. I have; love is the message…mentok 1

    gez varley and rip mark bell
    what bloody legends!

    end of line

  11. Waiting For The Blam says:

    Why is everyone so sensitive? I know Robin’s political stuff annoys some folks. Which is inevitable because political stuff is, by its nature, annoying because so many people are going to disagree with it. But this is just a jokey headline. I think it’s time to show Mr Vincent some love. He’s a fine journalist and broadcaster. This is a perfectly good headline and a great article.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      Thank you 🙂

    • \XX\ says:

      this article is average at best…
      where do politics (or comedy for that matter) come into analogue, modular, or electronic gear? what are you on and/or about? the only comedy in this whole post imo is the person that commented about Vincent being up Uli’s ass… ulimonkey wasn’t it? hilarious!

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