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Mesa Boogie Badlander leak, a new Rectifier for 2020?

Mesa Boogie Badlander leak, a new Rectifier for 2020?  ·  Source:


One click, and you’ve published a Google ad too soon and a forum full of guitar gear devotees is on to you. That’s pretty much what happened to Mesa Boogie – and that’s how we found out about its new Badlander amp! Here’s what we know about what looks like an intriguing new Rectifier-style amplifier.


Mesa Boogie Badlander

The name was secured by a Mesa Boogie patent in 2006. Apparently that didn’t get anywhere until now – this is the first time an amp with this name has turned up in its line up.

If the information that’s leaked is genuine and accurate (which we can’t confirm at the time of writing) the Badlander looks like a new rectifier-style amp slated for release as a head and combo. Like the recent Fillmore, this amp has two identical channels. These can be set to Clean or Crush and can be switched via footswitch. The amp looks a bit smaller than that of the Dual or Triple Rectos.

Mesa Boogie Badlander leak, a new Rectifier for 2020?

Has the new Mesa Boogie Badlander leaked via a Google ad?

’90s Tone?

Whether the amp will have a 50- or 100-Watt power section is unclear at the moment. Many Mesa fans seem to want a 2x 6L6 power amplifier section. Makes sense! That combination has a huge tone we all know and love. The Rectifier amps dominated the ’90s and were used by loads of famous players. These days, they do sound a little dated, so hopefully this new Badlands amp will rekindle the love for those ol’ rectum friers!

TGP Leaks

You can see the leaks over at The Gear Page from a user who only commentsWhoops  and, when asked, “I want to stay in good terms with vendors” . The photos are also documented here.

Looks like it won’t be long. We will keep you up to date.

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  1. Pete K says:

    $2299 They are taking pre orders at Sweetwater. Ola already has one too so it must be shipping already.

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