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Lace Cybercaster Standard

Lace Cybercaster Standard  ·  Source: Lace

Even if you didn’t not know the name, you might have seen this guitar shape before. At least on posters. For the new version of the Cybercaster, Lace Music have brought Grover Jackson of Jackson Guitars USA fame on board to help improve the design.


This electric guitar is mainly known for its shape, retained in the new version. There are a few slight changes, however. The jack, for example, has been repositioned and is now in a Les Paul position instead of on the front like a Stratocaster. The control plate is has more of a Telecaster style, while the PU switch is more Strat than Jazzmaster. The head plate is also in the form changed. The pickups are the in-house classic Alumitone Split Coil Humbucker.

The body is made of ash; the neck and the 21-fret fretboard are made of maple. The scale length is a typically Fender-style 25.5 “. Will the feel and tone be similar. No further details on tuners and other hardware are currently available.

Visually, it reminds me a little of a messed-up Telecaster with the plate under the bridge pick up, yet mixed with hint of Gibson because of the twin Lace Alumitone Split Coil humbucking pickups. Now add a smattering of Prince’s ‘Cloud’ guitar…

The Lace Cybercaster comes in either Olympic White, Raven Black, Torino Red or Butterscotch finishes, nothing too outlandish. That seems a shame, as this design may work well with more vibrant colours – the shape is certainly ‘out there’. I cannot say that I am a fan of the styling, but you may love it.

Off balance?

If Grover Jackson is onboard, then it should play well, as he does know a thing or two about making good quality guitars. This model will certainly stand out from the crowd on stage. Personally, I don’t much like the drooping headstock, and the whole look seems off balance (it somehow reminds me of a can opener). I’d have to pass on this, I’m afraid.

The Cybercaster is being made in Indonesia, so it’s built to a budget. Lace may find it hard to sell these given their odd looks, which might put off a lot of players.

RRP – USD 1149

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1 year ago

I have always loved the looks of the Cybercaster, which I took as a brilliant reinterpretation of the hallowed tele. In particular, I love it in butterscotch, reminiscent of a black-guard tele. I realize that marketing anything that is not a traditional design is difficult these days. Guitar buyers seem to be as stuck in traditional molds, rather like the countless motorcycle riders who must have a Harley, damn the cost or the benefit of newer technology. It is what it is. So, I was pleased to see that Lace has not abandoned this beautiful beast. A couple of thoughts,… Read more »