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Korg SV-2

Korg SV-2  ·  Source: Korg

Korg SV-2

Korg SV-2  ·  Source: Korg

Korg SV-2S

Korg SV-2S  ·  Source: Korg

Korg has officially announced the new and improved SV-2 Stage Vintage Piano. It retains the awesome looks of the SV-1 but piles on the sounds, the polyphony and the SV-2S version comes with integrated speakers.

Korg SV-2

We already had some of the details that got leaked a few days ago but we were missing photos and sound demos. Korg hasn’t messed with the look or the wonderful curves that you can’t stand your beer on which is awesome because the SV-1 was, in my view, the best looking modern electric piano ever made. The SV-2S with the warm ivory finish and contrasting grill over the integrated speakers is a thing of beauty.

So what’s new? The SV-2 contains 10 times the sample data of the previous version taking the preset sounds up to 72. These include classic and rare electric pianos, organs, analogue, digital, VPM and FM based pianos, synth leads, basses and pads. But of course it pays special attention to the grand and upright piano sounds picking up more examples from around the world. The sounds can now be split and layered giving up to 3 sounds with a split and a layer over the top. Strangely splits can only be created in the SV-2 software editor but then the split point can be adjusted on the front panel. Once saved I guess it’s not something you’d have to worry about again it just seems slightly odd that you can’t assign split sounds from the front panel. The polyphony is now up to 128 voices from the original 80.

On the effects side the Reverb has been improved but otherwise the valve-driven effects and amp models are the same. One added feature is a “Panel Lock” which prevents accidental sound or parameter switching. The layout and control system is very similar to the SV-1. There’s no display or menu diving, it’s all out there on the front panel for relaxed and easy hands-on control.

The SV-2 software Editor gives access to all sorts of deeper level features and hundreds more sound variations that are nor directly available on the front panel.


Adding speakers to the piano broadens the appeal massively as it can now sit in any living room, rehearsal space or studio and just be played without having to wire it through something. The speakers come from Italian designers K-ARRAY and produce 15w of power in each of the two 2.5″ loudspeakers plus there’s a passive 3″ radiator.

Korg SV-2S

Korg SV-2S

88 or 73

As with the SV-1 it’s available with 73 or 88 keys that share the same RH3 “Real Weighted Hammer Action 3” keybed. You also get a DS-2H damper pedal and a music stand included.

The SV-2 will be available in February for $1,899.99 for 73 keys or $1,999.99 for the 88. The SV-2S adds $200 to that price.

What an awesome electric piano! I only wish they did it in red.

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  1. Glenn Ally says:

    Could you sent me a list of sounds on the Korg SV2S 88 key

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