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Korg Modules

Korg Modules  ·  Source: Korg


At last, Korg has heard our cries and announced the new Korg Modwave, opsix, and Wavestate modules. And they’ve added MPE and MIDI 2.0.


Korg Modwave, opsix, and wavestate modules

Korg’s triumvirate of digital synths, the Modwave, Opsix, and Wavetstate, has seen several iterations over the years, including the originals, MKIIs, and special editions. Now Korg has finally given us what we’ve been asking for since the beginning: module versions. Hallelujah!

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More Information

In case you’re just hearing about them, these are all digital synths inspired by Korg’s storied past. Modwave builds on the wavetable-like DW-8000, Wavestate is a modern take on the sampled-based Wavestation, while Opsix updates FM synthesis for the 21st century.

These new modules have all of the same hands-on controls of the original keyboard versions just minus the keys. They also work with the native software versions, supporting presets usable on both as well as from all the previous hardware versions.

MIDI 2.0 and Poly Aftertouch

Now that the three synths have been freed from their keys, they’re the perfect candidates for some performance upgrades. Accordingly, they now support MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) as well as MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange. Korg has updated many of the original presets to reflect this.

Korg has also taken the opportunity to make some tweaks to the different synths. The Wavestate and Modwave now have free running, delayed start and retriggering options for the LFOs per user requests with the Modwave also getting a pre/post switch for reverb sends, new modulation sources, and more. A software update will also be available for the originals.

Korg opsix module
opsix module · Source: Korg

Rack ‘Em Up

The panels on all three modules are not just hacked from the key versions but redesigned to fit into a 19” 4U rack space, should you need. Of course, you can also use it as a tabletop device. Brackets on the sides allow you to use it in two angle configurations: 15 degrees or a more tilted 45 degrees.

Thoughts on the Korg Modules

I’ve long loved the sound of these three instruments. As a longtime Korg fan, they hit the sweet spot of modern and classic. I didn’t need the keybeds though; I already have more keys than a locksmith. I can always find more room on the desk or in a rack though.

Pricing and availability:

You can now order the Korg modwave, opsix and wavestate modules from Thomann*. As of now, we don’t know when they will begin to ship.

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More about the Korg modwave, opsix, and wavestate modules

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Korg Modules

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5 responses to “Korg modwave, opsix and wavestate modules: Our prayers are answered!”

    Thomas Barton says:

    Wait…are these all the Mark I versions of the synths? Are just using up some old boards in new keyless cases? Been waiting for these the since the beginning…it’d be a shame if they finally give us a desktop but relegate us to outdated tech! Relicgated lol!

    Terry says:

    Korg is rehash city this NAMM.
    How about something shockingly high-end, new, and not a cheap put-together lego toy.

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