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Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Don't lose sleep over the upcoming MacBook Pros, ladies and gents!  ·  Source:


It’s not just that you know your Apple gear. You know so much about iMacs, Macbooks and iPads that anyone would think you’d designed the stuff yourself. And you know about the news stories before the yawn-inducing press releases come out.


And you have a writing background. No, you don’t need to have written a novel or have a journalism degree. But you can turn stories around fast to produce vibrant blog posts that are absorbing to read. And you know the difference between “its” and “it’s”.


Oh, and one last thing. Ideally, you’re a musician or producer. Or you played recorder at primary school, or sang in the choir. Whatever. The important thing is that you can assess the impact that developments in Apple hardware will have on musicians and producers.

Still reading? Good. We’re looking for a freelance contributor to cover the rumours, gossip and news about all that sleek gear and software from Cupertino.

Drop us a line at editor at gearnews dot com or use our contact form (selecting ‘Editorial’ from the drop down menu). We’d love to hear from you.

Apple Macbook Pro 2016

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