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Knob Knobs

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Beautify and bedazzle your gear with these awesome knob upgrades from Knob Knobs that can add a new dimension to your knob-twiddling.


Knob Knobs

The knob is so often our direct connection to technology. It’s the thing that we interact with the most, the thing that forms and sculpts our music and translates our creativity. So, why not make those knobs special? Not just awesome to look at but also awesome to interact with. Knob Knobs are all about texture, about feel, about how your fingers interpret and perceive that turn. They also look rather fabulous.

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There are many knob concepts in development and more of them are coming online all the time. Currently, we have the basics covered with the “Colours” range of brightly coloured knob upgrades and then the “Bedazzles” which go off in a resin and glitter direction. The “Crystalline” knobs opt for a more sober and stylish transparency. From there it gets more tactile with two forms of “TAU” knob that are like spikey jelly beans, or crowns of delight that are aching for you to reach out and touch. “Tropical Mica” are a slightly different tact and oddly specific where the coloured stripes on the knobs exactly match the capacitor values on the Resonant Equalizer from Serge by Random Source.

All the knobs are produced to order and you can select colour, size, shaft type and Knob Knobs will include adapters to make sure they fit properly to your pots. They cost from €7 to €10 each or you can get random knob from their bucket of ideas for €5.50.

There appear to be some really interesting knobs to come that could spice up your synth, pedal or modular. Follow Knob Knobs on Instagram to be updated on new releases.

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Knob Knobs

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