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Music Thing Control

Music Thing Control  ·  Source: Music Thing


Tom Whitwell from Music Thing was planning to reveal his Control module at Superbooth and he’s now offering the chance to own one of the first kits to the highest bidder to support Lambeth Food Bank.



Tom designed this module as a solution or a relief to working with all those little knobs in Eurorack. The Eurorack format has enabled a whole community of people to discover the awesome interaction between synthesis, sound and music but sometimes it can be a bit fiddly. The 4 big knobs of Control aims to help with that.

Each knob has a voltage output that can be set from 0 to 5v, 0 to 10v or -5 to +5. The idea is that you drop it into your control voltage chain and use them to modulate your modular with finger-friendly knobs.

The first two channels can also act as attenuators. Plug an LFO or modulator into In 1 (or 2) and Knob 1 (or 2) attenuates it and the result comes out of Out 1 (or 2). This works when the switch is set to 0 to 5v. In other ranges, it acts as an offset or amp with often weird and interesting results. The Change (CHNG) output contains the voltage from anything that’s changing from any knob. So you’d get nothing from still knobs but plenty as soon as you start moving things. Difference (DIFF) compares the difference between 1&2 with the difference between 3&4 and works out that difference.  The result is not entirely random nor entirely predictable either.


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I can see Control as being brilliantly useful in any Eurorack situation. For me it’s in a performance that I really struggle with the petite format of Eurorack. It could allow you to stand back a little bit from your rack and also lose a little bit of that intense module inspection freeing you up to be a bit more experimental and accidental.

Tom is looking for bids on one of the first Control Kits in order to raise money for the Lambeth Food Bank. The deadline for bids is Friday 15th May and he asks that you start above £50. Email to make a bid or request more information.

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Tom and Mylar Melodies talk about the Control module in this edition of Why We Bleep.


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Music Thing Control

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