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Kemper adds Double Tracker with OS Version 8.6

Kemper adds Double Tracker with OS Version 8.6  ·  Source: Kemper


Kemper has added a handy Double Tracker feature with its latest OS Version 8.6. And you can download it today for your Kemper system. 


OS Version 8.6

The new Kemper Double Tracker turns mono signals into a stereo double-tracked signal in real-time. This is a perfect trick for thickening up your guitar tone. Double tracking is a common studio tool. Usually, you would lay your guitar tracks down twice, or more, to achieve this effect.

The effect has been simulated for ages now. It’s usually done using chorus and delay to achieve the timing and pitch differences between the tracks. The Kemper system instead uses a dedicated time-stretching algorithm. This creates the crucial timing variations and gives you a natural sounding double tracking effect.

Kemper Profiler OS 7.5 update

Kemper Profiler now with Double Tracking

Super Stereo

The Double Tracker adds new parameters that consist of Looseness, to set the tightness or looseness of the double tracking timing, and Detune, which adds a slight additional detuning to the two tracks. Kemper states that the Detune is just an option, and not crucial for perfect double tracking. Leave it at zero if not desired. And finally, Stereo controls the stereo width of the double tracking. Plus or minus 100% is regular stereo. Higher values establish the super stereo effect, so you can have a much wider stereo spread.


As usual, back up your system before updating. To grab your 8.6 update, simply follow the link below. To hear a demo of the new Double Tracker feature, check out the official Kemper video below.

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Kemper Demo Video

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Kemper adds Double Tracker with OS Version 8.6

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2 responses to “Kemper adds Double Tracker with OS Version 8.6”

    Krister says:

    How about updating the Virus TI OS or product line to at least work with the latest couple of MacOS versions instead?

      Jef says:

      I think the issue is that the old Virus Motorola DSP 56303 chips through to Freescale DSP 56367 chips are out of production, which means they cannot re-write the code for the Virus itself, so no Ti3 etc

      However, the days of the 56k platform are numbered: according to the official End of Life (EOL) policy of NXP they provide supplies for 15 years from the original release date, so the chip used in Virus TI2, the DSP 56321 was available until 2020, the one in Kemper Amp DSP 56720 ends in 2023

      And I doubt Kemper’s team has the inclination to update either the OS or the macOS app or AU/VST plugin for the older Ti and Ti2, as both are getting on for 12 years plus in age.

      I still have an original Virus in my studio (now called an A) and have owned the B and C previously, so I’m used to the old audio and MIDI connections.

      Though I hear that the Mystery Islands editor is more stable than the original Access Ti app, so you could go that way instead.

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