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Keeley Limited Edition X Pedals range

Keeley Limited Edition X Pedals range  ·  Source: Keeley


Robert Keeley has announced a very limited run for a new series called the X Pedal range. Each of the 10 effects is being produced only 30 times. In total the series totals 300 pedals and once they are gone, it’s all over.


Keeley Limited Edition X Pedals

The idea is simple enough: release 30 units of each effect pedal, with 10 different effect types on offer. The release includes the Tri Verb X, Roto Sonic X, Tri Mod X, Comp Plus X, Mezzo Drive X, Super Phat X, Super Ox X, OP Fuzz X, Tape Echo X and a single effect for bass called the Super Bass X.

Each pedal in the Keeley X Pedal series looks very utilitarian. The aesthetics remind me a little of Pete Cornish’s effects. They are raw aluminium with black embossed tape-style labels printed on them. They look simple enough to operate and look well built. Of course, they are all handmade in the USA so I do not think you would have any durability issues with them anyway.

Price-wise, they are fairly reasonable. If you have ever owned or used Keeley pedals before then you will be aware of the high quality and use of good quality components throughout.

My only issue is that the product descriptions on the Keeley website are very basic, so you are taking a bit of a punt on this range. I have put the somewhat brief descriptions below for you to check out, but as of yet, there do not appear to be any audio demos available for any of the pedals.

5 for 4!

One rather nice deal with this limited range is that if you buy four of those Keeley X pedals you can get the fifth one for free. You just have to type FREEXPEDAL in the discount code box at checkout on their site!

RRP – USD 149 each plus shipping/taxes


  • Tri Verb X: Combines Keeley’s Spring, Plate and Chamber reverbs for the first time


  • Roto Sonic X: A new Keeley Vibe pedal with Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-X, and U-Vibe modes


  • Tri Mod X: Dubbed “the world’s only flawless chorus pedal”.Produces a ‘killer’ combination of chorus, flanger and phase effects


  • Comp Plus X: Dubbed the “ultimate guitar compressor”


  • Mezzo Drive X: Dubbed the “ultimate Dirty White Sand”. Produces a transparent, low-gain, and Tube Screamer-like drive
  • Super Phat X: Produces a tube amp tone
  • Super Ox X: Takes after Keeley’s fabled Oxblood overdrive
  • OP Fuzz X: Takes after Keeley’s Op Amp Fuzz. Produces a thick, sticky fuzz sound


  • Tape Echo X: Emulates a magnetic tape echo. Keeley’s cavernous X modulation is added to the delay effect

For bass 

  • Super Bass X: A Bass Compressor that tightens and fattens your tone.

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Keeley Limited Edition X Pedals range

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