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Kazrog True Dynamics

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Developer Kazrog is known for some mean-sounding emulations of guitar amps, speaker cabinets and audio transformers. So the team turning its attention towards two of the rarest tube compressors that ever existed is bound to bring the hype.

A little before NAMM headlines eat up whatever little attention span is left among audio geeks, Kazrog announced True Dynamics. It’s a one-two punch of a plug-in which recreates the Presto 41A and ITA LA1B vintage tube comps using the same audio engine as the developer’s well-regarded True Iron transformer emulation plug-in. Being finely aged units, these are all about character and mojo. The compressors have very little in the way of control: Gain Reduction and Recovery Time, basically. The rest is left down to your ears’ judgement and the Mix Percentage/Output Level knobs.

Audio samples are yet to be published and the plug-in itself is only up for pre-order, with a Q1 2020 release date on the schedule. So you might be forgiven for not jumping the gun early on, but then again, these particular compressors are digitally modeled for the first time and likely as easy to find as unicorns. So if you know what’s up, you probably won’t be giving it too much thought.


The pre-order price is USD 60, which is darn good for a pair of well-modeled vintage compressors. Regular price is USD 80.

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