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The Jet City JCA 45. Using Indiegogo to release a JTM45 clone!  ·  Source:


This Jet City JCA45 is a JTM45-style head has been doing the rounds for a while over on the Jet City Facebook page, I even wrote an article about it here at Gearnews. Well, now its kind of official and up and running on Indiegogo!


This is a single-channel hand-wired amp that’s switchable between a Marshall-style JTM45 and a Marshall Super Lead KT66 valve amp head. This should give it lots of classic rock tones in one very simple and easy to use head, inspired by that classic Marshall crunch that everyone loves.

The funding is purely about making production more efficient, say Jet City. The amps are already designed and manufactured. It’s now all about reducing the costs and getting them into players’ hands, making this more of a ‘group buy’ than a fundraiser. You can also customise your amps, as Jet City will mod amps for you at purchase. So, you can pledge a certain amount to gain these features if you so desire.

This is taken from the Indiegogo site:

This is a simple group buy, not funding development.We are not funding to realize the project – we’re just trying to make it more efficient.

We can deliver whether we sell just one or many. The goal is set at $10,000 as doing about a dozen amps minimum will justify the effort.

The base model will be very simple, hand-wired in China, and delivered to us here in Seattle for distribution to all the participants.

The alternate/upgraded amps will be sent to Mark Marshall of Rising Force Amplification in the Chicago area, modded by hand to your choice of specification, and then sent on to you.  Mark Marshall, aka Mark Sedlock, (Marshall was chosen as a stage name back in the 90’s) has been building/modding tube amplifiers & effects pedals for over 25 years. His modded amplifiers and mod tutorials are in all U.S. states & over 30 countries. Mark and JCA began affiliation 2 years ago with the Brown Bear & the slightly darker Black Bear mods, and strive to give each individual customer service and satisfaction in their Jet City product.

Your purchase will include a 90 day warranty for parts and labour.

I am a huge fan of Jet City amps and would love to get my hands on one of these new amps. Go check out the details, listen to the audio demos and see if you agree. Its an interesting way of getting amps into players hands as well.

RRP from $799 with various options for modifications through to $1100 all price plus shipping & taxes.

Jet City Indiegogo Page: Product Details



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