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Seymour Duncan LA Super Rica Silicon Fuzz pedal

Seymour Duncan LA Super Rica Silicon Fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan

Keeley Omni Reverb pedal

Keeley Omni Reverb pedal  ·  Source: Keeley/YouTube

Wampler Tumnus Seymour Duncan La Super Rica Fuzz Keeley Omni Reverb

Wampler Tumnus, Seymour Duncan La Super Rica Fuzz and a Keeley Omni Reverb  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan, Keeley, Wampler

It’s pedal time! This week my pedal round-up includes a ‘mythical’ overdrive, some filthy mid-boosted silicon fuzz action and an omnipotent reverb. All the pedals hail from the USA and bring new takes on old classics to the fore.

Wampler Tumnus Deluxe Overdrive

Based on the ‘legendary’ Klon Siberia Overdrive pedal and with a few extra features added for good measure, the Tumnus Deluxe Overdrive looks nice enough in its gold case but has an extra knob when compared to their regular Klon clone.


The ‘Deluxe’ part refers to these extra controls and gives you an active bass and mid control (the treble control is passive), plus a high gain setting as well. You can run the pedal with either a buffer, just like an actual Klon pedal, or true-bypass, if you prefer.

I have owned quite a lot of original Klon pedals myself and so this is a sound I am familiar with. For the money, this pedal looks good on paper, and so I wouldn’t mind trying one out to see if the extras bring anything useable to the table.

The regular Tumnus pedal is quite popular, but I’ve never tried one, unfortunately. The price is reasonable for the added feature when compared to an original non-deluxe Tumnus.

RRP – USD 199.97/GBP 189

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Keeley Omni Reverb

This new pedal from Robert Keeley is three reverbs in one – Room, Spring and Plate all accessed by a three-way mini toggle switch. The three modes are self-descriptive: Room is a small living room aka Club, Spring is a 2-spring box and Plate a soft and diffused reverb in the style of the EMT 140.


With only two controls on hand, Dwell and Level it should be easy enough to dial in and so I think it would suit someone like myself, that likes a simple to use effect pedal. Just a shame it is a Sweetwater exclusive product, but you may be able to pick one up or Keeley may eventually make it available elsewhere.

RRP – USD 129 exclusive to Sweetwater in the USA

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Seymour Duncan La Super Rica

The name probably comes from the Spanish and means rich, so “the super-rich”. And the circuit is based on a silicon fuzz with a “muff” sound. There is some id range control on hand, so hopefully, it will not suffer from the usual Big Muff mids issue and disappear when kicked in, which is often the case with these fuzz pedals.

The price isn’t exactly cheap and pretty high for a big muff clone, even though the midrange might be interesting enough for many.

RRP – USD 179 plus shipping/taxes

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