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JBL 7 Series speakers

JBL's 7 Series speaker line-up is complete and available for sale  ·  Source: JBL

JBL 7 Series speakers

JBL's 7 Series speaker line-up is complete and available for sale  ·  Source: JBL

As a fan of JBL’s affordable, exact-sounding LSR studio monitors, I’m happy to see the Harman Kardon-owned brand deliver a brand-new series of install monitors and powered speakers. First announced at NAMM early this year, the JBL 7 Series comprises four models covering most common music, post, and broadcast production scenarios. All of them are finally available for sale now.

JBL 7 Series Install Monitors

The 708i and 705i install monitors are centrally amplified and tuned. They are designed for multi-channel monitoring setups in post-production rooms, broadcast facilities, and trucks. Power is delivered via single or bi-amplifier channels. The monitors can be easily integrated into multi-channel systems with centralized amplification and BSS BLU link Networked Audio setups.

JBL 7 Series Powered Speakers

The 705P and 708P feature compact two-way designs to minimize interference with video displays and sight lines. They also have built-in DSP processing for integrated EQ and delay controls, in addition to AES/EBU digital inputs and RJ-45 network connections for Harman HiQnet connectivity.


All models use JBL‘s patent-pending driver technologies, the recognizable Image Control Waveguide (the part around the top tweeter that reminds you of Batman), and integrate with the Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System.

Speaking from personal experience, the waveguide in particular works wonders for near-field monitors – you can move around them a lot and you won’t hear any significant distortion or change in sound reproduction. It also makes the speakers fairly room-independent, making it possible to mix reasonably well within less than optimal room acoustics, and also to obtain a consistent sound in different rooms. Very precise and successful work on JBL’s part.

Low-frequency drivers

The 7 Series share JBL’s low and high-frequency driver technologies. The low-freq transducers benefit from JBL’s Differential Drive tech to reduce power compression for more sustained output and extended linear performance. The transducers work with a low-frequency port design for an accurate bass response at all volume levels.

Compression drivers

In place of the radiating dome tweeters traditionally used in most studio monitors, JBL’s 7 Series use proprietary 2409H high-frequency compression drivers with low-mass annular diaphragms. The reason for this is compression drivers, unlike dome tweeters, do not require amplifier limiting circuitry to keep them from failing at high sound pressure levels. Limiting circuitry tends to negatively affect stereo imaging and dynamic range, so JBL wanted to get around that.


The 7 Series speakers are constructed from rugged birch plywood with specially braced, reinforced cabinets to allow for safe mounting. The compact enclosures minimize interference with sight lines to video monitors, while the front-ported design allows for shelf and soft mounting without performance compromises. Furthermore, there are rear and bottom mounting points for wall and ceiling mounting in vertical or horizontal orientation.

For pricing and availability, look up your local JBL distributor.

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