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James Bond is amazing, quadrocopters are amazing – what if you got robot quadrocopters playing the James Bond theme? Pure awesomeness! These little guys are a little off most of the time, but the idea is great and it is definitely fun to watch.

Engineered by a team at the University of Pennsylvania, this little performance is pure music gear addict click bait. It’s ‘played’ by a group of autonomous robot quadcopters that, the makers stress, are not being controlled live by humans, using a range of instruments including drums, maracas and a weird “couch frame” guitar. This has strings across a wooden frame tuned to (roughly) the pitch of the notes in the main Bond theme; a specially positioned microphone picks up the sound of made by the copters ‘picking’ the strings. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before OK Go get an army of these wee things to produce an orchestral performance of Beethoven’s Ninth. On the Moon.



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